Not Our President! (part 1)

Part I. Giant Demonstrations Challenge Trump’s Seizure of power

One day after Donald Trump’s bellicose, nationalistic inauguration speech, with its racist overtones, millions of women and their allies took the streets in Washington, New York, and six hundred cities in the U.S. and world-wide. As Trump’s support plummeted to 32% in the polls, the N.Y. Times reported that Saturdays’ protest was three times the size of the Inauguration crowd [1], This massive, self-organized resistance will be remembered as an historic event with no precedent.

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The Banality of Evil: Elites Close Ranks Behind Trump

Happy Thanksgiving! As we celebrate the America’s founding myth of the Pilgrim Fathers welcomed by the Indians, the National Guard, militarized local police and (unlicensed) security guards continue to brutalize unarmed Standing Rock Sioux Indians (and members of dozens of other tribes) protesting the construction of the unapproved Dakota Access Pipeline on their sacred lands and water sources.[1]

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The Struggle: Let’s All Hang Together (or we’ll hang separately!)

1. A Foreseeable Surprise

If Donald Trump’s electoral revolution came as a surprise, the profound disgust of the citizenry for the ruling elites has long been no surprise to anyone. The folks in the middle and at the bottom, left high and dry by the post-2008 “recovery” in favor of the top 1%, were totally fed up and ready for a political revolution. That slogan was successfully used in the Democratic primaries by the old Jewish socialist Bernie Sanders, who genuine popularity came near to dethroning Hillary Clinton, the pre-selected candidate of Wall St. and the DNC, considered “inevitable” by the media.

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USA : The Struggle

Yesterday thousands of high school students all across the country went on strike and walked out of school to express their indignation and anguish of the election of a president they characterized as a « racist », « fascist » bully. Meanwhile, for a week tens of thousands of Americans have been pouring into the streets every day in dozens of cities under the slogan « Not our president ! » (50,000 in New York on Saturday).

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Video: “Communications Technology and Revolution: from Spartacus to the Arab Spring”

I recently gave a talk at the World Social Forum in Tunis on March 28, 2015. The panel was “the Internet and Social Movements”, and my topic was ‘Communications Technology and Revolution: from Spartacus to the Arab Spring.’

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Beware of Capitalist Sharks!

The full book is available here as a pdf:


Pope Quits, So What?

Pope Quits, So What?

Why should agnostics, atheists, secular humanists, and/or Leftists give a shit about the latest crisis in the scandal-ridden Holy Roman Apostalic Catholic Church? Good riddance to bad rubbish, n’est-ce pas?

Even good Catholics agree: ‘New Pope? I’ve Given Up Hope’ headlines Gary Wills in the N.Y. Times , while former alter boy John Patrick Shenley writes: ‘POPE BENEDICT XVI quit. Good. He was utterly bereft of charm, tone-deaf and a protector of priests who abused children. He’d been a member of the Hitler Youth. In addition to this woeful résumé, he had no use for women.’ In any case, don’t we believe that religion is necessarily in conflict with progressive reform or revolution? ‘Pie in the sky when you die’ in the words of the old Wobbly song? Doesn’t belief in the Hereafter preclude fighting for the Here and Now? Continue reading