Richard Greeman:
The World is My Country

Since 1957 Richard Greeman has been active in civil rights, anti-war, anti-nuke, environmental and labor struggles in the U.S., Latin America, France, and Russia (where he help found the Praxis center for anti-totalitarian socialism). Richard studied French at Yale (where he became a socialist) the Sorbonne in Paris (where he joined Socialisme ou Barbarie) and Columbia (where he was part of the May 1968 student strike and proudly received his PhD at the SDS-inspired Counter Commencement on the occupied campus). Richard has taught French at Columbia, Wesleyan and the University of Hartford and is best known for his studies of the Franco-Russian revolutionary and novelist Victor Serge, whose novels he has tranlated and prefaced –- most recently Men in Prison (PM 2014). A lifelong journalist, his Radical Rants and Internationalist Essays collected here range from the Sixties (“Where are the Riots of Yesteryear?”) and the international scene (“The ‘Threat’ of Radical Islam”) to satire (“Beware of Capitalist Sharks”

What is the
“Invisible International”?


An occult conspiracy?
A vast planetry network?
A utopian dream?
An revolutionary tradition?
A vision of a practical Utopia?
An interactive website?
A collective novel?
An idea virus?
A multi-player on-line computer game?
A ecosocialist project?
A possible future?

The Invisible International is all of that and more.

The Invisible International will become what we make of it: you, me and thousands of people that we haven’t met yet. When we connect with each other on the planetary level, our “invisible international” has the power to make the mighty corporations tremble. The goal of the project is simple: save the planet before it is destroyed before our eyes.

Welcome to a vast open conspiracy whose center is everywhere and nowhere. To enter, click here.

Billions vs. Billionaires: A Dream of Ecotopias
LINK to Historical Invisible International below
Billions vs. Billionaires: Wiki/
Billions vs. Billionaires: Rules of the Game
Link to Archimdes

The International
Victor Serge Foundation

Under Construction

“I have undergone a little over ten years of various forms of captivity, agitated in seven countries, and written twenty books. I own nothing. On several occasions the mass circulation press has hurled filth at me because I spoke the truth. Behind us lies a victorious revolution gone astray, several abortive attempts at revolution, and massacres in so great a number as to make you dizzy. And to think that it is not over yet. Let me be done with this digression; those were the only roads possible for us. I have more confidence in mankind and in the future than ever before.”

— Victor Serge, 1941

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